Why Partner with FBI

Why We Do What We Do

As a small business, locally owned and operated, Florida Business Interiors believes in supporting our Tampa Bay community and other local, growing organizations. Since we have experienced that the only constant is change, we want our clients to be prepared for the changes in the future and have a flexible, well-designed office that accommodates those needs. One of the ways that we can support our client's needs is by providing additional services, free of charge, to assist the project team in their design process. 

Specialized Workplace Services:

          Visioning sessions                                                                                                

          Tools to understand Organizational Culture 

          Tools to uncover Workstyles and Collaboration modes

          Assist with Change Management process 

          Visualize future space with rendering tools 

          Surveying engagement tools 


Building Relationships with Our Customers at Florida Business Interiors


Our most successful projects occur when we are able to build a relationship with our customers and become their trusted advisors. These projects may involve one office of furniture or an organization with multiple locations, but they always start with the same key values:

  • We listen and value our client’s needs for their workspaces. 
  • We are passionate about showing our clients how improving their space can positively impact their business. 
  • We want to see businesses succeed, especially other local, growing companies.
  • We believe work environments should be fun and engaging.
  • We provide solutions to our clients – not just a purchase of furniture.
  • At the end of the day, our customers matter. We want to make it right for them.

Many of our current customers have been working with us for years and as their businesses have changed, we have helped them to determine how to create the workspace they need to grow and succeed. This approach has applied to our own office as well, from starting small in 2007 in a barn to our current location in Centro Ybor, and we have had to put our own research and knowledge to the test for ourselves. 


What our customers are saying: