Health Environments

Create welcoming spaces where people connect, rejuvenate, and heal.

From healthcare organizations to corporate wellness programs, Haworth Health Environments creates human-centered designs that foster well-being, leading to positive outcomes. Choices in space design, product solutions, and safer materials and surfaces help improve people’s physical, cognitive, and emotional experiences. These decisions are also critical to following a new intiative in the healthcare field, the Healthier Hospital Initiative. 

What is the Healthier Hospitals Initiative?

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative is a call-to-action for an entire industry.  It is an invitation for healthcare organizations across the country to join the shift to a more sustainable business model, and a challenge for them to address the health and environmental impacts of their industry.

These six challenges address the goal of the movement - leading communities to a healthier future. 



One of the six challenges that furniture can address is Safer Chemicals. Learn more about how Haworth's products have been engineered and designed to meet the requirements of this challenge, Version 2.0 here



Haworth Health Environments offers a breadth of products that ensure comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning to meet technical requirements of healthcare facilities.

Start visualizing your project with thought starters here.

HHE is also available through the following purchasing contracts:

  • MedAssets
  • Novation 
  • State of Florida
  • GSA

Haworth Health Environments brings community, comfort, and well-being to patients, families, caregivers—and to companies who make health and wellness a priority.

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