Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace's project team had multiple business objectives to achieve with their recent renovation.  Working with the Florida Business Interiors team and a local branding organization, Honeywell created a workspace that reinforces their brand through style, color and graphics. The design will optimize their ability to produce quality deliverables for clients by breaking down the physical barriers to communication in their organization. In addition, they were very focused on fostering a culture of innovation by encouraging collaboration in this agile and flexible space. 

Honeywell's facility team also wanted to ensure the new space would be dynamic, incorporating Haworth's moveable walls and modular furniture, to create a flexible asset for the future. Height adjustable worksurfaces, ergonomic seating, multiple meeting space options, and shared access to daylight and views throughout addressed the importance of wellness at work and the engagement of their team. 


Graphics: Clear PH 

Photography: Mary Coules