In late 2014, iQor planned a move from New York City to downtown St. Petersburg for their headquarters and engaged Florida Business Interiors and Haworth to outfit their space. The project design team’s goals were to create an open, inspiring workspace that fostered collaboration between their three floors and allowed for innovation in their rapidly changing business. Three months later, the iQor team moved into a space using a completely modular system in Haworth’s Integrated Palette, with forethought given to finish selections across the floors. 

While the initial results were impressive, there was more to the story.  Less than a year after the initial install, iQor decided that their initial vision of an open space did not fit the goals of their organization.  Because the Haworth product they purchased is an interchangeable kit of parts, our team was able to reconfigure the three floors of their workspace to fit their revised vision without purchasing any new product and all over one weekend.  Having a locally owned dealer allowed for the flexibility in design and installation schedule to get the job completed quickly so that work would not be disrupted. Smart design and the right partner enabled an agile, engaging workspace that adapted to iQor’s changing business needs. 

Architect: Mason Blau and Associates

Interior Designer: MLE Designs, Inc.

Contractor: iConstructors

Art & Graphics: Lotus Design

Photography:© 2016 Rich Montalbano / RiMo Photo, LLC

CREW Excellence Awards MVP Finalist 2016

TBBJ Coolest Offices Finalist 2016