Metrohm USA

As a global manufacturer of laboratory instruments for chemical analysis, Metrohm USA wanted to ensure their new Riverview facility encouraged future growth and innovation, while staying true to their brand and unique office culture.   A group of employees from many departments used the knowledge shared by Haworth and FBI to create a design which facilitates collaboration in their new workspace. From an old office that was dark and isolating, the new building provides everyone with access to daylighting and expansive views, as well as smartly planned coffee stations for informal gatherings. By incorporating their love of coffee as focal points throughout the building, Metrohm is staying true to their proud Swiss heritage.

One of the strategies for supporting employees was to focus on the needs of each department, and personas were created that informed all the design decisions. The strategy included using one standard workstation size from a kit of parts, but then customizing each department’s layout and features to fit those team’s workstyle. In addition, the project team embraced the idea of managing this change by involving the entire office in the process. Their marketing team created videos with executives, and scheduled tours during construction to share the progress with everyone. 

By applying these strategies and involving their team throughout the process, Metrohm USA has created a facility that will allow them to adapt to change in the future, and to continue to lead their industry. 

Architecture: HTG Architects

Contractor: iConstructors

Photography: ©2018 Rich Montalbano / RiMo Photo, LLC