Service is the name of the game.

Manufacturers make products. Florida Business Interiors has the team, the talent and the tools to turn those products into a work environment that delivers.

From design to procurement and installation, we believe our services set us apart.

Knowledge Resource

We first engage our clients in discovery sessions - before discussing furniture. After understanding the needs and concerns of the project, the FBI team will also provide research and insights into those items so that we can suggest the best solution for the project. Learn more on our Knowledge Resource page here. 

Architect & Designer Resource

At Florida Business Interiors, we support designers, architects, and other industry professionals by providing resources to assist them in making their projects even more successful. We host quarterly continuing education units in our showroom, along with multiple presentations throughout the year on a range of current workplace topics. Stay up to date with the latest events on our What's Happening page. 

Workspace Design

Working with our clients and their project team, we develop space plans that are customized for their needs. Our team considers workstyles and company culture, along with overall goals. Using the latest technology in rendering software, we can bring ideas to life.


Utilizing all the latest technologies, we can turn your vision into reality. With idea‐sharing and interactive tools such as Canvas and Bluescape, you can see the progress of your project in real‐time and collaborate directly with your project team.

Procurement & Project Management

We are proud to have great working relationships with our vendors and manufacturers. Our operations team ensures that the furniture order for each phase of work is coordinated between contractor and client, to ensure a timely completion.

Installation Services

Florida Business Interiors is a full-service company, backed by a team of factory trained and experienced installers ready to complete your project. Warranty and repairs are made in-house in a timely fashion, so that our clients can focus on their business.